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Estate planning is not just for the elderly and should involve more than inserting a name into pre-made documents.  We set goals and make plans throughout our lives.  It is just as important to plan out your estate to help your family at the time of death.  Proper planning can help to avoid unpleasant and costly surprises and offer peace of mind to all parties involved.  This allows for families to focus on other issues when dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Proper estate planning prepares you for an uncertain future, and helps make sure that you and your assets will be taken care of as intended.  A customized plan will allow for attention to provisions of a guardian and trustee in the event both parents die unexpectedly.  Planning can also help an individual avoid unnecessary taxes, name those who should inherit property, make special bequests to friends or charities, plan for what to do with beloved pets and so on.
Four Estate Planning Documents Every Person should have include:

  • A Living Will – or advance health care directive indicates end of life medical decisions.
  • A Durable Medical Power of Attorney authorizes a person to make health care decisions when you’re unable, and your “living will” provides that person with instructions to be used if you suffer an end- stage medical condition with no realistic hope of recovery.
  • A Durable Financial Power of Attorney names someone to handle your affairs in your place. This is so important when you can’t keep things going due to illness, dementia, disability, or some other reason.
  • Your Last Will and Testament directs the distribution of your estate upon death according to YOUR wishes.

All of these documents ensure that regardless of the situation, whether during your lifetime or after your death, that YOU have a say in who makes decisions and what direction those decisions go.

Powers of Attorney, both medical and financial allow you to stay in control of who will make decisions for you in the event you are unable to do so. 

A Living Will tells your Power of Attorney what decisions you want them to make when you are at end of life.

A Last Will and Testament distributes your belongings according to YOUR plan.


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